Sunday, August 08, 2010

080808, one of the very significant days in my life.
It has already been 2 years. During these 2years, there are ups and downs. I have been great and also, I have also have been a bastard toying with others and breaking some hearts. I seriously regretted what I have done and also tried to stop doing all these.
2years have already passed, I should have already forgotten about you, let go of you already and most importantly, stop loving you completely.
I have fulfilled what you wished for and I have done so with all my might, and how much my heart can bear. I am ready for other relationships, I've finally done it, I thought? But nothing proves that I was right, it was rather the otherwise. I guess, it is not i cant forget. It is just that i don't want to forget. Sorry.
Sometimes, now and then i still will think of you. We don't have much memories to talk about nor we really have any times we spent with each other to think about, so by right, there isn't much or even nothing to reminisce about, but i just cant deny the fact about what my mind is thinking.
Not being emotional, just expressing how i feel right now.
Take care.

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